Designing data centres for the NHS environment

Secure I.T. Environments’ projects director, Chris Wellfair, offers tips and advice on how to ensure a data centre is designed to grow with the needs […]

Keeping your data centre physically secure

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure I.T. Environments talks about physical security and the importance of the LPS1175 standard.

Is it time to build your own data centre?

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure IT Environments examines the dilemma of building or co-hosting a data centre in the public sector

Tiered Architecture And APIs Government Version

10th October 2016

Today’s Government entities are under increasing pressure to provide services in multiple ways, and time is of the essence. With this, they are forced to […]

Bourne v Bond, which one are you in the API world?

23rd August 2016

The two best known spy film genres are Jason Bourne and James Bond. The two on the face of it do a very similar job, […]

How to save a million pounds through local government using mobile apps

10th November 2015

Many local authority bosses are under increasing pressure with budgets being slashed and the threat of redundancy hanging over thousands of council employees. But is […]

Securely sharing personal data in an information connected age

In his 2015 address to the Black Hat conference, Facebook’s Alex Stamos suggested that humanity is only 2-3% into the era known as the Information […]

Do you poka-yoke?

9th November 2015

Many public service providers’ approach to quality management falls somewhere on a continuum between “waiting” for users to report issues on the one hand, to […]

Public sector cloud: Where to start

6th November 2015

As a UK IT and cloud service provider, Redcentric has seen the public sector’s adoption of cloud take off in recent years, driven largely by […]

Cross browser testing a key to application success

The broad diversity in browsers and browser specific functional parameters impact the performance of an application and their behaviour across different browsers. Since it is […]