Public Sector Enterprise ICT

14 November 2018

Victoria Park Plaza



Designing data centres for the NHS environment

28th October 2016

Secure I.T. Environments’ projects director, Chris Wellfair, offers tips and advice on how to ensure a data centre is designed to grow with the needs […]

Keeping your data centre physically secure

Chris Wellfair, Projects Director at Secure I.T. Environments talks about physical security and the importance of the LPS1175 standard.



Tuesday, 8th November, 2016

The Seminars will take place from 12.20 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Reducing Your IT Risk Through Software Asset Management, Process Automation and Mobile Management

Jelle Wijndelts, Head of Technical Account Management, Snow Software

Today’s technology driven world means your organisation faces complex challenges. Add to that the governmental requirements to take control of cyber security, and it means that visibility of your IT infrastructure becomes more important by the day.
At Snow, we believe in proactively incorporating Software Asset Management, Process Automation and Mobile Management into cyber risk management activities in order to reduce your risk and secure the future of your business.
In this session Snow will discuss how the data collected for Software Asset Management and Mobile Management can be automated to proactively reduce this risk.

How to Seize Control of Technology Costs and Drive Digital Transformation

Peter Dunn, Account Director – UK Public Services, Rimini Street Limited

The UK government deficit reduction programme is aimed at producing more efficiencies and savings, however current digital services in central government cannot meet changing demand without innovation. Government departments are disillusioned by out-of-control technology costs, and IT funds that could be invested in innovation are lost maintaining current systems.

How can you transform your department and release funds from ongoing operations to invest in digital technologies? This seminar will reveal proven, disruptive strategies that you can use to take back control of your organisation’s technology investments.

Delivering Government Digital Services with Software : Virtualising the Network

Simon Parry, Chief Technology Officer UK Public Sector, Ciena

You’ve virtualised your servers, virtualised your storage, maybe even virtualised an application, but what about the network that joins it all together? How do you build an agile, open network that responds to the new world of on-demand services, without impacting current performance and while delivering greater efficiencies. Find out how Government SDN (Software Defined Networking) can save you money and deliver a more responsive experience and outcome for your users.

Transformational Cloud Solutions for the Public Sector– A case study presentation

Mark Hall, Public Sector Director, Redcentric &
Peter Alsop, Solution Consultant, Oracle EMEA

In line with the Governments Information Technology Strategy, Redcentric and Oracle will explore technology that can not only help drive your citizen and Cloud first initiatives but also achieve the outcomes required by your departments including driving down costs whilst enhancing the end user experience.

This interactive session will draw on customer implementations already being deployed and take learnings from successful transformational IT solutions being utilised by departments within the public sector.

The two presenters will take a view on the technology available right now that can start making a difference today

Delivering Innovation and Digital Transformation Using Open Source Red Hat Middleware

Adrian Keward, Chief Technologist – UK Public Sector, Red Hat
Alistair Park, Principal Consultant, Estafet

Freedom to innovate is crucial to solving complex integration problems and helping transform the way we work. Using Red Hat middleware we have been working on a number of key projects, including the Government’s Smart Meter Initiative. Using Red Hat Fuse and EAP we have tested the limits of the technology, adapted frameworks, and supported incremental delivery and best practice. Our experienced scrum teams have built trust across departments, and delivered a solution that is fast, secure and scalable.
In this session you will learn about:
●The Government’s Smart Meter Initiative
●How Open Source Red Hat technology was key to successful delivery
●How machine readable data was critical to success
●Why a collaborative, Agile approach works well in Government integration projects
●How this approach can be extended to Smart Cities

Panel Discussion: How Local Authorities are Approaching Digital Change

Jos Creese, Principal Analyst, Eduserv
Max Elliott-Massouras, Principal Architect, Eduserv
Simon Hughes, Head of Digital, Mid Sussex District Council
Maryvonne Hassell, Computer Services Manager, Aylesbury Vale District Council

Hear from digital lead from Aylesbury Vale and Mid-Sussex, with two very different approaches they will help you to question how you can drive change in your own organisation.
•Agile IT infrastructure: Is your IT infrastructure ready to support digital programmes?
•Digitisation from the inside out: How can you implementing digital thinking across the whole organisation
•Putting the customer at the centre of the change process


John Godwin, Director of Compliance, UKCloud

May 2018 sees the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a comprehensive data protection framework which will replace the UK Data Protection Act. Find out how your organisation should be preparing for GDPR now, in order to fully protect personal data, remain compliant and avoid significant financial penalties.