Public Sector Enterprise ICT

7 November 2017

Victoria Park Plaza



How to know if you should be moving applications to the cloud

1st November 2016

Cloud is becoming more and more acceptable in the public sector. Not just taking advantage of virtualised, private cloud solutions but moving to commodity public […]

Designing data centres for the NHS environment

28th October 2016

Secure I.T. Environments’ projects director, Chris Wellfair, offers tips and advice on how to ensure a data centre is designed to grow with the needs […]



Session ONE – The Transformative Potential of ICT for Public Sector Innovation, Reform and Improved Service Delivery

The morning session explores:

  • Embracing technology to deliver high quality public services
  • Cross Sectoral Case Studies and Industry Perspectives
  • Aligning Strategic Change and Operational Efficiency with delivery of public sector ICT
  • New Ways of Working Across Government; Working in Partnership Across the Public Sector
  • Cultivating Digital Skills, Leadership and Talent
  • Future-proofing IT Spending
  • Exploring disruptive technologies like Cloud, Mobile and IoT for more efficient and responsive public service design and delivery
Chair’s Opening Address

David Bicknell, Editor, Government Computing

Staying Ahead Of The Game – What Next For IT And Digital Services In Government?

Everybody is talking about moving to the cloud. Many organisations are doing it. But, when we are all busy implementing technology change and digital transformation, how do we maintain a leading edge? This address will set out what one major department is doing to develop future talent and capability and how it has put in place a delivery model that provides user-centric services.

A Framework for Digital Change

This session will explore:

  • What are councils doing to embrace the digital opportunity?
  • 5 elements to drive digital change
  • Examples in practice
The Future Of Digital – How Technology And Smart Machines Are Changing The World.

There is a lot of excitement about artificial intelligence (AI) while at the same time new interfaces and platforms like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and conversational interfaces are on the rise.
In this presentation, we discuss trends in the world of digital and technology as well as research and work in the innovation team at one major department.

Digital Transformation - Local Authority Case Study
Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Morning Refreshment Break and Networking Served in the Exhibition Area
Journey to the Cloud

We discuss how one council is developing a hybrid cloud model.

London Super Cloud – The Benefits for the Public Sector and its application outside London

The connectivity of public sector networks is often long talked about but is not easily achieved. London Grid for Learning has a unique proposition to join up networks for public sector organisations based on high speed fibre networks that it provides to schools inside and outside London.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegate Movement to the Seminar Rooms
Seminar Sessions
Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session TWO: Sharing Best Practice on New Technologies and Working Practices

Chair’s Afternoon Address

David Bicknell, Editor, Government Computing

Governance in an Agile World – the NHS Digital Transformation

Exploring the significant changes in the culture, controls and supporting artefacts necessary to provide the assurances needed by organisations working in the Public Sector.

How We’re Achieving Digital By Default

Expectations are higher than ever, and continue to grow. Residents expect local government to keep up with digital service offered in the private sector. This presentation explores the challenges that we all face in the current digital age and how one council is trying to overcome them:

  • Keeping up with expectations and demand
  • In-house versus 3rd party
  • Digital skill sets
  • Adopting agile in a public sector environment
  • Assisted self-service and the future
Agility Is Key To Transforming The Delivery Of ICT Services

We all know that ICT transformations can be delivered more effectively, efficiently and cheaply using Agile approaches. But how can the delivery of services be achieved in a small, dynamic, multi-faceted financial services environment reliant on multiple external partnerships? This presentation will discuss the approaches needed for delivering successful strategic and operationally-effective services to rapidly meet both the regulatory and changing needs of the public sector.

How Digital Services Are Driving Citizen-Centred Care

In the 21st century the ‘modern consumer’ expects to be in control. To order what they want, when they want it, from any device, to consume content when they choose, to feedback directly and with an immediate response. So how can the 20th century institutions of our health and care system operate in such an environment? Will services designed as digital by default disenfranchise those on the wrong side of the digital divide? How are digital services enabling our health and care professionals to work together in ways that are focussed around the individual citizen rather than the NHS Trust or Council? In this talk we look at how health and care providers are embracing digital technology and skills and what this means for the individual and the services that they receive.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
Delivering More Efficient And Effective Ways Of Working

This presentation explains how one exec agency has delivered more efficient and effective ways of working through embracing technology and how we are now driving and developing the wider use and benefits.

Using Data And Analysis To Advance The Edge Of What Is Possible

Presenting the experience of one public body on the importance of data and using data analysis and ICT to drive performance effectively, efficiently, legitimately and with integrity as a leading organisation.

A Holistic Approach to Security

Far from being tranquil ivory towers, universities are very much in the front line for cyber security due to their open environments and the wide range of threats and conflicting stakeholder interests. This session will focus on the current state across the sector, the challenges that lie in wait and the issues and concerns associated with meeting them.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair
Conference Close, Delegates Depart

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