USG People Identity for branding

Close interaction with clients, organisations and customers 

NXP Semiconductors embraces cloud security

NXP chooses hybrid IAM solution to support global Cloud strategy 

PostNL a seamless customer experience and secure access

A customer-friendly platform with Single Sign-On capabilities

Koninklijke Bibliotheek selects iWelcome as authentication service for the digital library

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), the National Library of the Netherlands, brings people and information together. To that end, KB makes the Dutch library collection visible, sustainable […]

The Best Approach to Identity and Access Management

18th March 2016

“I forgot my password!” “Can you help me access this application from my laptop when I’m on the road?” “I just bought this new application […]

Radboud chose Identity Manager

 “Identity Manager differentiated itself from other solutions due to its completeness — it allowed a single product to tackle all of the issues we face, […]

The next generation of IAM solutions has arrived

For years, identity and access management (IAM) has carried the stigma of denial, restriction, limitation, and sometimes, failure. The processes and technologies required to enhance […]

Dell Security Makes Context-aware Security an Affordable Reality

The next wave of security is centered on a concept called context-aware or adaptive security. It overcomes the static yes/no nature of traditional security with […]

The worst passwords of 2015

5th February 2016

Every year we have studies showing the worst, unimaginative and insecure passwords that people routinely use (and recycle) across their digital life. This year is […]

This week in online security breaches

29th December 2015

Weatherspoon has become the latest in a long line of companies to admit they have been hacked and customer data has been stolen. One hundred […]