Is your company’s data security strategy keeping you up at night?

12th November 2014

A recent study by PwC revealed that UK firms are victims of more cyber security incidents than their global counterparts, with almost two-thirds of British […]

Hackers online: Can you ever be safe?

30th September 2014

In the modern era, we are accessing the internet from a whole range of devices at all times. With this, we open ourselves up to […]

The Elephant in The Room: What’s Missing From The Identity Management Picture?

17th September 2014

Imagine a number of educated fellows having a very calm conversation about identity management and security in a living room full of beautiful ceramic vases […]

$3m raised by firm hoping to two-factor authenticate everything

12th September 2014

Making an announcement of this nature a week after an authentication-based hack is a wise move, Authy, a company founded in 2011 has just raised […]

Apple’s two factor authentication isn’t what it seems…

5th September 2014

The enablement of two-factor authentication (TFA) is one of the common nuggets of advice being used post-iCloud hacking scandal. Whilst good advice, in hinesight it […]

Creating an Uber customer experience multiverse – ForgeRock

2nd September 2014

A fascinating deal was inked last week between Uber and Expensify. Customers are now able to order Uber cars based on their Expensify reservation submissions. […]

Cloud Data Security: Is your company its own worst enemy?

29th August 2014

Often in life people will make a decision that is detrimental to their situation. Sometimes it is best to take a step back and see […]

Have a risk-based approach to identity management

29th July 2014

KPMG’s information protection and business resilience director, Martijn Verbree, claims that a risk-based approach is the best strategy for tackling identity and access management in […]

Replacing sign-on with smartphone swipes

25th July 2014

One company believes it may have the answer in the post-password era. PingID from Ping Identity aims to use the smartphone of an enterprise user […]

Will UK citizens be more attractive to hackers post-Drip law?

18th July 2014

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (Drip) bill that was recently cleared by the House of Lords will make the communications data of UK citizens […]