Password Management Problems: Employees Significantly Increasing Risk of Security Breaches

20th April 2015

Managing passwords is not a new thing. But, we are seeing a renewed focus on it due to the rapid adoption of new technologies – […]

2014 Market Pulse Survey: Employees Going Rogue with Corporate Data in the Cloud

17th April 2015

We’ve known for some time that the adoption of cloud technologies would have a significant impact on the enterprise, and that when SaaS applications started […]

Yahoo Plans To Do Away With Passwords

30th March 2015

IT experts have been kept busy over the last decade or so by attempting to find a viable alternative to passwords. For companies providing services […]

Heartbeat Authentication Trialled in Banking

24th March 2015

The trial by Halifax, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, has been using the Nymi Band – a wearable piece of technology that can measure […]

Top Level IT Management Sets the Tone for Infosec

20th March 2015

Human nature says that people will resist anything that requires effort on their part, this theory can be applied directly to password management. Most people […]

IoT Implications for Identity & Access Management

20th February 2015

The success of the Internet of Things will certainly depend on the management of identities and access surrounding it. Current IAM strategy cannot provide the […]

Office 365 and Mobility Workshop

26th January 2015

Is the thought of the pain of migrating to Office 365 stopping you from going ahead, to say nothing of the horrors of potential downtime? […]

Steve Gold: 1956-2015

15th January 2015

Everyone here at Whitehall Media was especially pained to hear the news that computer security expert Steve Gold had unfortunately passed away earlier this week […]

Tips on Creating Strong, Memorable Passwords

7th January 2015

We’re constantly hearing in the news about hacks and breaches that can put your personal information at risk. Do you believe that you have a […]

EU’s New Data Privacy Laws: What They Will Mean for the Cloud and You

12th November 2014

Sabi Goriawala / Co-Founder & VP, Marketing, PerfectCloud Cloud computing may come with plenty of benefits, but it also comes with plenty of security and privacy concerns. These […]