The ABC of UBA

6th November 2015

Cyber attacks today are increasingly complex and well targeted. Recent high-profile breaches such as TalkTalk or Ashley Madison, were carefully planned and went undetected for […]

What does Single Sign On mean to you?

5th November 2015

ProofID, identity and access management specialists, have been working with a customer reviewing their existing Single Sign On (SSO) setup in order to make recommendations […]

The business world’s riskiest user

29th October 2015

The New York Post recently broke this incredible news: the AOL email account of the Director of the CIA was hacked. By a teen. Who […]

Managing the Insider Threat from the ‘Super Users’

27th October 2015

BalaBit discusses how to manage the growing threat of ‘insider threats’ In a growing number of security incidents, privileged users are to blame for system […]

Ilex International’s Breach Confidence Index raises concerns for British businesses

Ilex International commissioned YouGov to conduct the Breach Confidence Index survey to monitor the level of confidence British businesses have when it comes to security […]

Securing the Borderless Enterprise – Part 2

6th October 2015

Device Compromised?Despite our best efforts, attackers will find a way around even the most sophisticated preventative methods.  Once we’ve accepted that reality, what do we […]

Securing the Borderless Enterprise – Part 1

As organizations grapple with ever increasing challenges around BYOD and information everywhere, the authentication process becomes ever more important as we move further into the […]

Where does the UK Cyber Security Market stand now? – Part 2

15th September 2015

UK businesses are falling hostageLast year, we saw the first major instance of ransomware with the breach of Sony Pictures. The hackers held information and […]

Where does the UK Cyber Security Market stand now? – Part 1

The world of cyber security has seen a number of ups and downs this year, including high profile data breaches from the likes of Sony […]

The digital revolution: how overcoming security challenges improved customer experience

14th September 2015

In the age of connected objects, social networks, smartphones and new consumer behaviours, the IT security department has an increasingly important role for enterprises across […]