How to establish your functional requirements for an Identity and Access Management System

1st November 2016

In order for organisations to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of their identity and access management (IAM) systems, they first need to assess the extent […]

How to develop your business case for investment in identity and access management

10th October 2016

There is no doubt that identity and access management (IAM) offers a multitude of business enhancement opportunities. It is crucial that this management discipline is […]

Mega breaches: What’s behind the headlines?

Nowadays, barely a day goes by without an organisation getting hacked. In this age of ‘big data’, cyber criminals can compromise almost any type of […]

Managing the outsourced, outsourced outsourcer

12th September 2016

How can you guarantee that your organisation is one of the lucky ones? Provocative title, but here’s how it happens: your organisation outsources the management […]

Ilex International and Goode Intelligence explore the future of mobile security

20th June 2016

Ilex International has worked with mobile security research and consultancy specialist, Goode Intelligence, to develop a white paper which explores the increase in mobility – […]

Biometrics: an evolution in access management

14th June 2016

Paul Ferron, Director of Security Solutions at CA Technologies explores the ways biometrics on mobile devices help them become a frontier for access management.Although the […]

Insider threats: How to mitigate the risk

3rd June 2016

Simply put, an insider threat is a cyber attack that occurs when employees, ex-employees, contractors or partners act with intent to defraud or cause an […]

Access Control and Single Sign-On: A Global Approach

16th May 2016

How to protect business data without imposing onerous authentication processes on employees is a challenge that most businesses have or will face. Single Sign-On (SSO) […]

USG People Identity for branding

3rd May 2016

Close interaction with clients, organisations and customers USG People is a specialist provider of employment services within Europe. USG People is active across five European […]

NXP Semiconductors embraces cloud security

28th April 2016

NXP chooses hybrid IAM solution to support global Cloud strategy NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI), formerly known as Philips Semiconductors, has its headquarters in Eindhoven and […]