1st November 2017

Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM), they occupy the same space but have very different outcomes.

Why Identity and Access Management should be part of your GDPR plan

19th October 2017

It’s crucial to understand that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not a technology issue alone. When it comes into effect on 25 May […]




“A robust agenda covering then, now, and future. A good mix, interesting and informative. I thought the event management level of professionalism and courtesy was exceptional” NHS BLOOD AND TRANSPLANT, Head of Information Security.

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“Thanks for inviting us and it was useful to meet the various vendors as well as network and learn from the seminars” BAE SYSTEMS, IT Security – Head of IdAM and Oversight.

“The presenters were excellent. I am really looking forward to getting the slides” ISLINGTON, Solution Architect.

“The new networking session at the end of the conference was a good idea and worked well” WHITEHELM, Chief Technologist.

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“I spoke to the vendors most relevant to my current tasks and projects. My colleagues did the same so we covered quite a lot”DEUTSCHE BANK, GAMA BTF Analyst.

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“The live Twitter wall was fun” MORGAN STANLEY, Developer Crypto Key Management.

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“I thought the overall content raised a lot of interesting points regarding IAM that require further consideration in my work environment” SIMPLY HEALTH, Internal Audit Manager.

“This is my second Whitehall conference and once again I was very impressed, the event ran very smoothly, the venue is great and the catering is exceptional to be on such a large scale” UNIPART GROUP, Digital Leader.

“Excellent layout of exhibitors” PRUDENTIAL, Security Analyst.

“Staff were very hard working, courteous and excellent by the way – good job and hats off to them! Will definitely consider attending Whitehall Media events in the future!” SAINSBURYS, Information Security Product Owner.


“It’s absolutely paramount that we take a planned level of sponsorship at this event, this is the most prestigious and important event that we do in the UK for identity management specifically.” ORACLE, Director of Security Solutions.

“Really good with a broad range, not just high-level but also architects helping to have a broad range of discussions, very technical on one hand but very strategic on the other.” CYBERARK, Regional Sales Engineer.

“The people I’ve spoken to and that other people have spoken to have been of a good high calibre. The sessions have been excellent and the organisation from Whitehall Media has been good.” SAILPOINT, Sales Engineering Executive.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to be at an event where all of the relevant stakeholders who really have a focus and interest in identity are going to be there, so for us this event really stands out in the calendar and it’s something we always want to be a part of” FORGEROCK, Sales Director.

“The types of clients who have actually come along seem to be very knowledgeable in what they want and have ultimately been people who hold the decision for projects going forward” PIREAN, Account Manager.

“The conference today was quite inspiring actually there were a lot of delegates, we were impressed with the amount and the atmosphere. Everything was so well arranged so today was a very satisfying for us” IWELCOME, Field Marketing Specialist.

“Lead generation is obviously one of the reasons we turn up to these conferences, it’s always been a really good conference for that and today has been no exception. The calibre is absolutely spot on, we get buyers, we get decision makers and we get really active participants both sides” CA TECHNOLOGIES, Senior Director.

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“The conference has been very good, the turnout has been good so the numbers are good, and quality has been pretty good too. The organisation and flow of the event seemed to work quite well with a tight agenda for the day, so overall it’s been pretty good” COVISINT, Vice President EMEA.

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“The main reason for exhibiting at the Whitehall IDM conference is its level of specialism. There are numerous different security conferences out there but they are not focused primarily on identity and access management. The Whitehall IDM event is purely focused just on identity management, so it instantly gives us a much greater networking capability to speak to individuals who are primarily focused in our core competency” FORGEROCK, Director – Advanced Customer Engineering.

“We’ve taken down quite a few details from various companies not just from one industry; it’s been from a broad range, retail, insurance and banking. We’ve had really good conversations and uncovered a lot of information and were looking forward to following up in the weeks to come” PIREAN, Account Manager.

“The calibre of the delegates has been very high, a wide range of organisations and delegates who themselves have particular projects directly around identity and access management” GMO GLOBALSIGN, Director IAM Sales UK.

“It’s not only about generating leads, it’s also about creating the brand and being able to show the world that we are a business in the UK and we’ve been able to do both” EVERETT, Sales Manager.


“The diversity of the panel and topics meant everybody could find something interesting” CITI SERVICE CENTER POLAND, Information Security Access Programs and Governance Manager.

“Today’s been a fantastic conference, it’s so nice when your enthusiastic about a subject and you are surrounded by 500 other people with the same interests, so it’s been a really great day, really enjoyed it” TDC, Security Architect.

“The really important thing and most enjoyable part for me were the questions from the audience, they were down to earth and they were practical. Amongst the hype and the future-scaping of the presentations it was great to see the reality from the audience” KANTARA INITIATIVE, Executive Director.

“Today’s event was brilliant. It had three key ingredients, first, the inside from the think tanks on the evolving picture in IDM space. Second, the inside from practitioners on the challenges that they face and how they solve them. Last but not the least from the product vendors on how they have solved this problem for other clients and customers. I think it’s a brilliant mixture of all three” BRITISH GAS, Consultant Platform Architect.

“I’ve enjoyed all the presentations that I have been able to see. It’s like a reality check that when you come out from your own chamber and see the world outside your agency, what others are doing and what the tech companies are promoting to deliver. I think it’s good to know that we are in line with the rest of the world” TEKES – THE FINNISH FUNDING AGENCY, IT Architect.

“What I enjoyed the most was to be in contact with my peers and to discuss, to share our experience with digital identity and how they deal with the challenges” VEOLIA, Head of Digital Identity Management.

“The quality of speakers is absolutely superb, there are 500 people here, all professionals in their own spheres and it is fascinating to speak with them. Whitehall Media are the most professional I’ve seen” STEVE GOLD (R.I.P 1956-2015), one of the UK’s esteemed InfoSec journalists and multiple-time chair of WM IDM Conferences.