1st November 2017

Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity & Access Management (IAM), they occupy the same space but have very different outcomes.

Why Identity and Access Management should be part of your GDPR plan

19th October 2017

It’s crucial to understand that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not a technology issue alone. When it comes into effect on 25 May […]



Wednesday 8th November, 2017

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Identity’s Vital Role in Cyber Defense

Chris Sullivan, Chief Information Security Officer, SecureAuth+Core Security

Many businesses think of IAM as administrative overhead and professionals are expected to manage down the costs. Network and threat management people tend to think in IP, domain names and maybe accounts in log files. At RSA, Target and now Equifax, adversaries didn’t discriminate and moved rapidly through the cracks between identity and infrastructure controls. The good news is that Identity, done properly, dramatically enhances all aspects of a cyber defense program and delivering that for your business is both energizing and rewarding. This fast paced discussion will focus on pragmatic ways to repurpose what you already have to dramatically improve cyber defense. Disclaimer: Career, budget and fun quotient impact will vary… wildly… which is also fun.

The Modern Doorman – Your Identity Is Our Challenge!

Michael Walser, Lead Solutions Architect EMEA, SSH Communications Security

The modern IT world evolved from dozens of small easy-manageable zones to large infrastructures with hundreds or thousands of servers, involving containers and in many cases uncontrolled access.  Each server or instance can have its own services, content to protect and limited access required of one or a group of defined individuals.  Words like “cloud” and “container” are dominating the modern IT business on one hand and on the other hand there are the digital identities that must be managed;  the question is how to handle and protect them. 
As a result of trying to strike the proper balance there are delays in the implementation process.
I invite you to please join us on a journey to the modern way of providing access without needing to worry about passwords, keys and numbers of other burdensome services. Let’s investigate and try it like the cloud: Easy and fast as a container with unlimited scalability!


Empower and Secure Your Business through Cloud Identity Governance

Martin Whitby, Sales Engineer, SailPoint

Where is your organization in its journey to the cloud? What role does identity governance play? Have you considered managing your identities from the cloud?  In this session, learn how SailPoint leverages the power of the cloud to deliver enterprise identity governance that empowers users and secures access to hybrid IT environments while reducing cost of ownership.



Reimagine Your Identity Strategy

Mathias Schollmeyer, Senior Presales Engineer EMEA, RSA

Traditional IT and IAM controls are no longer effective to manage today’s changing identity risk situation. Where before there was a core set of applications, VPN control and an established perimeter of the past, now that perimeter is vanishing. As a result of these changing dynamics, IT is losing control and visibility and the risks of breach or audit failure is increasing just as the auditors are becoming more and more focused on compliance controls. It’s time for a new approach to identity and access management and one that requires evaluating your current approach, understanding what you need to be successful and making sure you have the right technology to help you reach your goals.

Learn how to reimagine your identity strategy with this session from global industry leaders RSA, which will cover the areas of identity assurance, identity governance and user lifecycle management. We will share exclusive insights into the ever changing risks and complexities impacting these areas and share strategies and advice on how to optimise your approach and abilities across them all.


The Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist, Thycotic

It is critically important to know how cyber criminals target their victims, what you can do to reduce the risk and make it more challenging for the attackers who steal your information, your identity or your money. This session explains how outside attackers or malicious insiders can exploit vulnerabilities using examples such as a compromised email account password that escalates into a full-blown breach of network security.

Compromising a privileged account, therefore, can be the difference between a simple network breach and a cyber catastrophe. When a single system is compromised, it is typically easier to mitigate, isolate, and eradicate the risk and restore control. When a privileged account is breached, it can lead to a major disaster.  That’s because when a privileged account gets hacked, it allows the attacker to impersonate a trusted employee or system and carry out malicious activity without being detected as an intruder. Once attackers compromise a privileged account, they can typically roam at will through an IT environment to steal information and wreak havoc.

This session describes the anatomy of a privileged account hack, we will show how cybercriminals target their victims, what you can do to reduce your risk and prevent abuse of your critical information assets.