Cybercrime and Punishment

2nd September 2014

Something that does get overlooked in the crime world is cybercrime, but it is on the steep rise. I’m sure after this week’s iCloud hacking […]

ICO fines MoJ for mishandling of data

27th August 2014

2,935 prisoners from HMP Eriestoke in Wilshire had their personal information breached due to the loss of an encrypted hard drive. The ICO reduced its […]

Data centre partner search by Government is worth £700m

25th July 2014

A tender submitted by the government in the UK, offers the opportunity for data centre providers to come forward and offer plans to host top […]

UK Government considers tackling cybercrime a top priority, says Karen Bradley MP

17th July 2014

In an address this week on the issue of cybercrime, Karen Bradley MP, the Minister responsible for Serious and Organised Crime said that the UK […]

Cyber spy hacker tools leaked by GCHQ

15th July 2014

More than 100 code-named projects are mentioned in the full document that indicates GCHQ has the ability to alter online poll results, send spoof email […]

Open University cyber security course backed by Government

8th July 2014

With the hope to inspire 200,000 new people to undertake a career in IT security, the Open University have launched an introductory course in the […]

IT Security is of Paramount importance as government launches cyber essentials scheme

26th May 2014

The government is set to launch a cyber security guidance and certification scheme next month to help UK businesses build resilience and secure businesses from […]

As costs of cyber-attacks increase, UK government sets up CERT-UK

14th May 2014

Rising cyber-attacks and cybercrime are a growing cost to UK business and, according to the latest PwC/Department of Business, Innovation and skills Information security breach […]