£20Million Set to be Invested into Britain’s School Curriculum in a Bid to Boost Future Cyber Defences

15th March 2017

September 2017 will see the launch of a new government scheme aimed at providing teenagers with the cyber security skills they would require for a […]

Optimising Internet Access for staff and visitors in the NHS

14th April 2016

In a bid to help reduce costs and improve the use of technology within the health service, the Government has called for all NHS Organisations […]

Mitigating the Risk of Evolving Cyber Threats

4th April 2016

We have seen technology change at a rapid pace and for the most part, people have been happy to embrace the revolution. This has ushered […]

CAS-S: Managing Public Sector Data Security: Mitigating Risk at Point of Disposal

25th September 2015

Nearly 70% of data breaches occur after a computer is discarded. The National Audit Office reported that the UK public sector spent £6.9 billion in […]

GDS Mulls ‘Basic ID Accounts’ Potential for Online Services

11th August 2015

With the development of the ID assurance platform still underway, the Government Digital Service is now looking into the potential of “basic identity accounts” for […]

The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Security

6th August 2015

As world trade increases, embedding strong supply chain security into your service is of prime importance. Information security weaknesses have been responsible for many high […]

Universities Are Likely Targets For Cyber Attack

31st March 2015

Queen Mary University has previously been attacked, Anonymous, the online hacking group claimed responsibility for the cyber-assault. Stealing personal data of students, they said that […]

The Coming Shift in Security

9th January 2015

There have been more than 700 data breaches and 500 million+ across business and government sectors since December 15th 2014, security has been historically starved […]

Broad government reforms called for by tech firms

16th September 2014

TechUK’s manifesto for growth and jobs for the next 5 years was released today, with the statement that 95% of transactions with government will be […]

True two-factor authentication: Explained

10th September 2014

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to secure data and apps, but it must be applied properly for it to function completely. […]