Government IT Security Conference

9 May 2018

Victoria Park Plaza



£20Million Set to be Invested into Britain’s School Curriculum in a Bid to Boost Future Cyber Defences

15th March 2017

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Optimising Internet Access for staff and visitors in the NHS

14th April 2016

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9 May 2018

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre-selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Securing Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an important business enabler for public sector bodies. But while transformation significantly impacts security, it is often low down on the list of priorities. As critical services move online, how can public bodies offer both ease-of-use along with security for citizens and public service delivery? Join this session to discuss how you can seize the competitive advantage of digital while also managing the imperative to be secure by default.

Cyber Essentials to Prevent a Major Breach

This seminar looks at key advisory steps in the follow-up of a breach to remediate and protect against the possibility of unauthorised accessed by privileged insiders and third parties. We walk you through basic cyber hygiene, and deep dive into strategic choices you need to make to protect your critical data assets.

Securing Cloud for Government

This seminar looks at how the expansion of the cloud ecosystem is balancing security commitments at every level of the supply chain, and how cloud security principles are being adhered to, developed and challenged.

Security as an Enabler for Agile Project Management

Organisations cannot be agile without agile security. We look at how you can embed critical security measures in the most effective way.

Private and Public Partnerships – An Industry Led Perspective

We look at how collaboration between government and industry can help to minimise security threats and risks. We ask: What role should the private sector play in helping the government secure its key assets? What forensic technologies, expertise and skills can industry share with government to respond to international threats and risks?

Disruptive Technologies: Do they enable or challenge security?

This session will explore how the list of “next big things” is expanding and adding to security concerns and policies within government.

Building Resilience in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

The risk and compliance landscape is subject to continual change. With the advent of big data, this session explores how government can mine untapped intelligence, assess and secure its data and extract value from its information.

Securing the Government Supply Chain

With greater SME and a globalised supply, how can the government ensure security in its supply chain? This session will look at existing frameworks and how these can be developed so that government is both secure and agile.

The IAM Imperative

We cover how you can:

  • Use an identity platform to govern access to all resources across your IT estate
  • Extend identity governance to benefit all your organisation
  • Leverage multi-factor authentication to create a secure, seamless ecosystem
Determining the Best Approach to Mobile Government

How do you ensure end-user flexibility, optimum user experience and easy access to organisational data without compromising security of applications and devices? As mobile moves from a nice-to-have option to a necessity, we explore how IT departments in public sector organisations are meeting requirements for flexibility with the need to be secure.