Government IT Security & Risk Management

9 May 2018

Victoria Park Plaza



£20Million Set to be Invested into Britain’s School Curriculum in a Bid to Boost Future Cyber Defences

15th March 2017

September 2017 will see the launch of a new government scheme aimed at providing teenagers with the cyber security skills they would require for a […]

Optimising Internet Access for staff and visitors in the NHS

14th April 2016

In a bid to help reduce costs and improve the use of technology within the health service, the Government has called for all NHS Organisations […]



Session ONE – Building Cyber Resilience across the Public Sector

  • Building cyber security resilience, awareness, preparedness, capability and skills across the public sector
  • Protecting vital interests and securing critical national infrastructure in a modern information economy
  • Reforming government services through new delivery models and ways of working
  • Operating securely and efficiently in the digital by default era
  • Unlocking key savings in a bid to make the public sector lean, efficient and more personal
  • Security as an enabler, rather than a barrier, for efficient lean government

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The Conference Chair's Opening Remarks

John Thornton, Secretary, Digital Government Security Forum (DGSF)

Every Journey Matters

Richard Bell, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Transport for London

This presentation will explore how TfL’s Collaborative Cyber Security programme has been embraced by it diverse workforce, offering insights into:
•The Context
•The Challenges
•The Approach
•The Future

Closing Down Weaknesses In Public Sector Cyber Security By Opening Up To Innovation

Alexander Holt, Head of CivTech ® at the Scottish Government

We explore practical lessons learnt from the Scottish Government’s CivTech® programme that you can apply within your organisation to help drive innovations in procurement and greater openness to new ways of thinking about risk.

Students are not the only problem

Marion Rosenberg, Head of IT Security, IT Audit and Compliance, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Information Security is challenging wherever you work, but academic freedom, freedom of information and open access to research data add pepper to the stew of issues faced by academic staff, professional services staff and various flavours of students. Risk levels vary depending on the season and BYOD is the norm.

Presenting Cyber Risk to Senior Leadership

Vince Warrington, Cyber Security Specialist

Studies show that cyber risk is poorly understood at the senior leadership level. Too often the information presented is technical in nature, introduces concepts that those in senior management may not be familiar with, or is just presented in a format which is incompatible with their requirements. This session will inform you on how best to present on cyber security risk at board level, giving you confidence that your requirements will be understood and acted upon.
The session will cover:
• How senior leadership currently perceive cyber risk
• How to build the ‘Cyber Story’ to convey complex security topics
• Tools that allow you to get the cyber message embedded at senior leadership level

Questions To The Panel Of Speakers
Morning Networking and Refreshments Served in the Exhibition Area
The Online Challenges of the Prevent Strategy in Schools

Steve Holley, E-Safety Systems Engineer, Warwickshire County Council

  • The changing face of On-line Safety in the modern digital world
  • Detecting and preventing on-line radicalisation within schools
  • The tools that Warwickshire County Council use to protect pupils and staff
Cyber-Threat, Risk and Harm

Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa Smith, Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit

DCI Smith’s presentation will provide insights into:
•An awareness of cyber crime
•An overview of the types of cybercrimes committed
•Profile types of those who commit cyber crime
•Recommendations of how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime
•Cyber-attacks on businesses and the impact caused
•Traditional crime versus cybercrime
•Cost of cybercrime

Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms
Seminar Sessions
Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session TWO: Innovations and Best Practice

  • Implementing and Sharing Best Practice
  • Exploring Regulatory Frameworks and Guidance
  • Innovations in technology and business strategy to maintain and develop good practice
The Conference Chair Opens the Afternoon Session
DVLA –A Case Study in Cultural and Technology Shift

Dave Pope, Chief Information Security Officer, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Exploring ways in which the DVLA is delivering real transformations.

Engaging the Board On Cyber Risk

Martin Fletcher, Assurance and Information Management Consultant, National Archives

Martin is responsible for a programme of board and audit committee briefings for The National Archives. As part of this he has talked to senior managers across government on their role in helping to identify and manage information risk. In this talk Martin will pass on some of his experience on what helps engage senior managers and encourages them to see themselves as cultural champions of information security. He breaks out what senior management need to do into three steps. This presentation explores how you can:
•Identify the threats
•Decide what matters
•Take action


The Cyber Security Challenge through Digital Transformation

Murat Soncul, Head of Information Governance, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

The session will cover key cyber security and IT governance learning points from a mental health trust’s digital transformation journey. The points raised will be relevant to senior management, caldicott and information champions, governance, security and privacy professionals alongside academic and clinical leads.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
Responding to the Challenges of Change – The HMIC Improvement Programme

Joan Ogbebor, Improvement Programme Manager, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary

This presentation will share Joan’s insight from her HMIC and Whitehall experience of designing leadership and innovative strategies to effectively, efficiently and legitimately respond to the ongoing challenges of change in an increasingly volatile and global landscape.

In Search of the Unicorn

Lesley Holmes, Information Governance Consultant, London Borough of Redbridge

Data Protection Offices – who or what are they? This presentation offers an assessment of the skills and experience required to meet the role of the Data Protection Officer as evidenced through the commentary on social media over the last few months.

Potential Solutions to Some of Our Worst Cyber-Security Nightmares

Marc Hammoud, Product Manager – Technology and Data, NHS Improvement

Exploring real-life security challenges faced by public sector professionals and practicable ways in which they can bolster resilience.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair
Conference Closes

With drinks at reception sponsored by One Identity.




Please note:
Whitehall Media reserve the right to change the programme without prior notice.