Enterprise Security & Risk Management

21 September 2017

Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam




1st September 2017

The Identity Hub is a service platform developed by U2U Consult that facilitates mobile and web app developers to quickly setup and integrate with a […]

Public WiFi Security Tips and Tools

9th August 2017

As the number of consumers with mobile devices continues to rise, so too does the demand for reliable internet access. Out of necessity, many businesses […]




“Very beneficial, very senior event. To summarise, a fantastic event with several useful insights.” OMLIS LTD, Strategic Partners Analyst

“I enjoyed the short quick-fire presentation format.” PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE, Information Security & Risk Consultant

“It was a well organised event and lots of information shared. Thank you.” BARCLAYS, VP Information Security Architecture

“I would attend again, I was told the afternoon sessions that I missed got even better!” BBC WORLDWIDE, Enterprise Security Architect

“Thank you for the good day. All in all, I enjoyed and learned from the day, and this is what it is all about. 🙂 ” VISA EUROPE, Information Security & Risk Executive

“Excellent event, very useful!!” RESEARCH SERIES LTD, Director

“Thank you very much indeed!” ANON OIL & GAS INDUSTRY, Chief Information Security Officer

“Very well organised event. A lot of content and good mix. Good to hear more from end users/organisations.” HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS, Quality & Regulatory Manager

“Good organised day with diversity of interesting topics” ABN AMRO, Account Manager

“Well organised conference, wide range of interesting topics, handling the latest trends, developments about security and risk management” BELFIUS BANK, Access Manager


“We found it very useful indeed, it’s important that we pick the right events, we have to find events that will have to give us the most ROI. We’ve developed a lot of leads today, all of those very high calibre. We thought it was a very good use of our budget.” INFOBLOX, Channel Manager

“It’s been a great event from a networking standpoint. We’ve been surprised at the level of attendee, they’ve been ideal from our perspective and we’ve generated some significant leads and opportunities.” SAFENET, Enterprise Regional Sales Manager

“The event has been as usual, anything run by Whitehall Media has a very select target and they are just the people that we want to talk to. We’ve had some great leads from today, I could spend much more money, time and effort going to big exhibitions but you’re not getting the engagement that you want, here though, we have a select group of people that have been well chosen, roll on ESRM December!” SKYHIGH NETWORKS, EMEA Marketing Director

“Today’s event has been inline with my expectations, in terms of the people that we are meeting, booth location has been very good with a lot of traffic. This is an event we would want to attend as much as we can.” TUFIN, VP of Solutions

“We’ve had some fantastic leads generated on the back of this particular event. We’ve been able to have intimate discussions with customers, even in the seminar session that we did aswell. Great facilities, in a lovely venue, prime location that was very easy to get to. All very good.” PALO ALTO NETWORKS, Regional Sales Manager

“The event does exactly what it says on the tin, people here want to be here and learn about the security space.” ZSCALER, EMEA Field Marketing Manager

“I’ve spoken to a number of people who were new to me from our customer organisations and also new prospects, very pleased with the level of delegate.” TRIPWIRE INTERNATIONAL, Enterprise Account Manager

“There’s some serious people here who are interested in what we can deliver and they’ve got the pain of business, so the potential to help is there definitely.” ALGOSEC, Pre-Sales Manager

“We’ve spoken to a lot of delegates, a lot of new organisations that we don’t usually speak to. We would look to do this again definitely.” CYGNIA, Marketing Manager


“Basically the event is a great opportunity to do some networking, share ideas and look at how opportunities can be taken forward.” JOHN BAXTER, EURONEXT, Infosec Programme Manager

“The event has been great, hearing people talk about risk and how to quantify risk is very exciting. It was great to hear in the question and answer sessions about cost, the real-life element that drives every business. The attendance is great, seeing a packed hall was very pleasing.” DR VIBHOR GUPTA, ASIS UK CHAPTER, Technology Lead

“It’s really interesting, you’ve got a really good crowd of people in here who seem to be really taken with the topic. The speakers I’ve seen have been really energetic and very engaging.” STEVE THORNE, INFORMATION SECURITY FORUM, Head of Research & Quality