UK Hits Record Growth in Cyber Security Personnel

10th February 2017

With the threat of an international cyber security skills shortage looming, the UK’s intensive efforts to reduce the gap in recent years seems to be paying off.

A recent research report suggests that the UK cyber security workforce has grown by 163% in the last five years. Given that cyber security demands have continued to expand since 2011, this substantial increase may help to alleviate the mounting pressure.

The same report suggests that we have seen a 7% rise in salaries within the cyber security sector, with the average now sitting at £57000 per annum. This may go some way to explaining the surge in the UK cyber security workforce overall.

One thing we can be sure of is that a rise in salary of this nature could be crucial to any future development within the sector by attracting young people into the field. It isn’t enough to upskill qualified workers, we need to ensure the next generation of cyber security professionals possess the skills we need to protect international enterprise and infrastructure.

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