IT data security threats and data breaches are increasing

29th May 2014

The month of May has seen high profile IT data security threats evolve and numerous large enterprise organisations report that they have been subject to […]

Enterprise Security and Risk Management: The Bank of England

7th April 2014

Following the publication of the findings from Waking Shark II security exercise late last year, which tested the financial sector’s contingency plans in the event […]

Public Wifi Carries Security Risks, says Europol

10th March 2014

The head of Europols cybercrime centre, Troes Oerting, has warned that public Wi-Fi carries significant security risks, citing a rise in the number of attacks […]

Through the Haze: Agile Defence for a Fast-Moving Environment

25th February 2014

As the scale and complexity of corporate networks continue to increase, it has become ever more difficult to cut through the web of connections and […]

Data Protection: Made Simple

20th February 2014

There are plenty of innovations and trends in the modern computing world, sometimes we can get lost in between terminologies, buzz-words and new techs. But […]

Enterprise Cyber Security Risks and Threat Landscape

5th February 2014

The recent “Cyber Risk Report” by HP gives a detailed snapshot of the latest and biggest threats to enterprise cyber security. This year’s report details […]

Cyber Security Risk and Responsibility in an Interconnected World

22nd January 2014

The World Economic Forum has published this week its ‘Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World’ Report, addressing options that institutions can take to improve […]

I.T Security Will Remain Priority for CIOs and the Connected Enterprise in 2014

20th December 2013

A new report by CSC titled “The CIO’s New Role: Core Strategy Enabler” published in December 2013 has found that I.T security remains a key […]

Enterprise Security and Risk Management: Mapping and Prioritising the Security and Risk Landscape

25th November 2013

With the advent of cloud and mobile ways of working, safeguarding corporate data and access point risk management in large organisations has become vital to […]