Should gov have access to encrypted messages?

19th November 2015

In the wake of the Paris bombings on 13 November, increased pressure is being put on tech companies to allow governments access to popular encrypted […]

The costs keep rising: why companies can’t afford to take risks with data security

2014 was undeniably a horror year for data breaches, with two of the world’s largest brands – Sony and eBay – falling victim to cyber-attacks. […]

APIs At The Heart of your Mobile App Strategy

17th November 2015

APIs are brokering data across all kinds of domains, applications and platforms, but too many developers think in terms of traditional on-premise, sit-down-in-front-of-your-laptop-and-consume-this type of […]

API Security Resource Guide

To say that securing the data that is communicated and transacted among applications is one of the biggest concerns for software vendors and online services […]

When We Talk About API Security

13th November 2015

APIs have changed the way that businesses operate, both at the functional level, and in the opportunities they have opened. Our customers are doing innovative […]

Top 10 Security Terms for API Developers

As a developer, you’ve been tasked with one of the most important jobs in helping your company increase its reach, brand awareness, and profit potential. […]

Conversation is the key: Sometimes a machine is not enough

Thanks to the e-commerce boom, you could be forgiven for underestimating how many customers still pay using the Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) channel. When […]

Top 4 Tips to Secure Active Directory

Active Directory serves as a hub for nearly every organization of any size – storing user identities, authenticating access, enforcing machine configuration policies, and more. […]

Duo Hosts Hardware Hacker Kingpin at Duo Tech Talk

19th October 2015

This Thursday, Duo will be hosting Joe Grand, also known as Kingpin, at our Ann Arbor office as part of Duo Tech Talks (DTT). DTT […]

How EU Data Protection Legislation Affects Your Data in the Cloud

8th October 2015

Whether your company is based in the EU, has branch offices, or provides services to EU residents, you need to comply with EU data protection […]