2016: The year of election meddling?

16th November 2016

Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence | Friday November 4, 2016

Preparing for the GDPR – what UK businesses need to know

28th October 2016

Jon Fielding, Managing Director, Apricorn EMEA

What to consider in your mobile security strategy

10th October 2016

Jon Fielding, Managing Director, Apricorn EMEA

Weather Forecasting and Risk Management: From Failure to Success

26th April 2016

Weather forecasting and risk management share a few commonalities: both weather forecasting and risk management use numbers to describe what may happen in the future. […]

How secure is your network?

25th April 2016

In this post we look at the gap between network security best practices and the “rubber-hits-the-road” reality across a sample of the UK FTSE 100 […]

2016: The Year of Smarter Cyber Security and ‘Immune System’ Technology

1st March 2016

The increasing interconnected nature of business brings with it the risk of cyber attack, with individuals intent on stealing, selling or changing information. Motives are […]

Malware Museum showcases vintage viruses

11th February 2016

Malware may have racked up costs to the tune of billions in the past, but computer viruses in the 1980s and 1990s were also pieces […]

The Akana guide to API security

1st December 2015

As more enterprises engage in their digital transformation, they are connecting their application through APIs. APIs have long been the connective tissue between, and among, […]

Reduce risk when taking telephone payments

30th November 2015

Taking or making payment over the phone comes with inherent risk of fraud in a variety of ways. The number one problem, however, is people. […]

‘Hack them back’ US gov told

23rd November 2015

‘Anything you can do, I can do better’, or so says the song. And this may soon become the US policy on hacking. A report […]