Consumer concerns over GDPR should set alarm bells ringing for businesses

21st November 2017

Today, putting the letters ‘GDPR’ into Google will generate over 420,000 news articles, some detailing the expected impact of the regulation, and others casting doubt […]

Why your GDPR compliance strategy must include mobile

17th November 2017

When considering compliance, enterprises must put mobile devices on an even footing with desktops. This is especially true as we race toward May 2018, when […]

Bring Back Dedicated and Local Security Teams

Last week, I came across a tweet that asked how a normal user is supposed to make an informed decision when a security alert shows up on […]

The importance of a risk-based approach to cyber security

10th November 2017

A risk-based approach to cyber security is increasingly being mandated by regulations such as EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and standards such as […]

So You’ve Been Hacked: Timely Reporting in the Age of Big Breaches

15th September 2017

By J Connolly Big hacks are back in the news this month with up to 143 million customer details exposed by the hack of credit […]

Must read for enterprises sending employees abroad: The SonicSpy malware family

14th August 2017

Lookout recently released information about a new spyware family called SonicSpy. Lookout Security Intelligence researchers discovered the spyware in Google Play and connected it to […]

Public WiFi Security Tips and Tools

9th August 2017

As the number of consumers with mobile devices continues to rise, so too does the demand for reliable internet access. Out of necessity, many businesses […]

‘Vault 7’ material defines the largest intelligence leak in CIA history

15th March 2017

WikiLeaks enlightened the World on Monday 6th March 2017 with its publication of a substantial collection of confidential CIA documents which detail many of the […]

Detecting Cyber Crime With Artificial Intelligence

30th January 2017

Author: Cyberseer.Net Security professionals face a difficult task in keeping enterprise networks safe. Cyber-attacks continue to grow as criminals find new ways to infiltrate and […]


19th January 2017

Author: Cyberseer.Net Ransomware attacks are rising, becoming one of the most damaging threats organisations face. They lurk in ads on popular websites and shutting down […]