Enterprise Security & Risk Management

28 November 2017

Victoria Park Plaza



‘Vault 7’ material defines the largest intelligence leak in CIA history

15th March 2017

WikiLeaks enlightened the World on Monday 6th March 2017 with its publication of a substantial collection of confidential CIA documents which detail many of the […]

Detecting Cyber Crime With Artificial Intelligence

30th January 2017

Author: Cyberseer.Net Security professionals face a difficult task in keeping enterprise networks safe. Cyber-attacks continue to grow as criminals find new ways to infiltrate and […]



Tuesday 28th November, 2017

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Hackers and the Threat Landscape

A discussion about the growing risks of cybercrime, APTs, emerging vulnerabilities, exploitation methods and how to effectively mitigate the threats faced by enterprise.

Key Strategies for Upgrading Your Security Posture

Sophisticated cyber-attacks, breaches and disclosures are becoming the norm. As network speeds increase, data migrates to the cloud, more data is shared and employees bring in their personal devices into the workspace – enterprises must respond by upgrading their security posture to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We explore key strategies that will help your enterprise keep pace with the changing ICT landscape.

Protect Your Network by Securing Your DNS Service

This seminar discusses a unique approach to securing your DNS infrastructure that will provide protection against DDOS attacks and enable you to detect and neutralise other types of malware activity on your network.

Mitigating Mobility Risks: Effectively Managing Multiple Devices

Exploring how your business can optimise productivity, prove compliance, and remotely secure all devices and the corporate data they contain. The session will also look at device intelligence and analytics for risk assessment.

Keeping up with the Cyber Criminal

It is clear from the sophisticated tactics and tools utilised by cyber criminals that their abilities have outpaced the ability of InfoSec professionals to address the latest threats. How can your organisation bolster its defences and build resilience? What skills are essential to combating the threat horizon, and how can you capitalise on real-time analysis and data analytics to finesse your ability to detect threats and breaches?

Data Privacy

Understand the implications of new regulations and standards for your organisation.

Building Your Security Threat Intelligence Capability

Security intelligence is a key enabler of risk management. It allows for better predictability and assessment and can provide a roadmap for investment. What are some of the foundational elements of an effective threat intelligence strategy? Join this seminar and discover how you can better understand how to predict, detect and respond to threats across your organisation’s digital estate.

Risk Analytics: Using Big Data to Solve your Security Challenges

Exploring how big data can be capitalised upon to reduce security challenges and risks.

Cyber Security – Accelerating your Detection and Response

Targeted attacks are a grim reality facing businesses of all sizes – big and small. This session will explore all you need to know about targeted attacks and mitigating the threat to your business.