Getting to know the GDPR: The technical and organizational measures

Before we jump into the third part of this GDPR blog series, let’s take a moment to think about a few questions. Such as, why are compliance mandates necessary? Are they framed to just prevent data breaches? Are compliance […]

Bring Back Dedicated and Local Security Teams

Last week, I came across a tweet that asked how a normal user is supposed to make an informed decision when a security alert shows up on […]

Public WiFi Security Tips and Tools

As the number of consumers with mobile devices continues to rise, so too does the demand for reliable internet access. Out of necessity, many businesses […]

Detecting Cyber Crime With Artificial Intelligence

Author: Cyberseer.Net Security professionals face a difficult task in keeping enterprise networks safe. Cyber-attacks continue to grow as criminals find new ways to infiltrate and […]

Creating a Risk Aware Culture for Data Security

Andrew Brown, UK Head of Business Development, Sims Recycling Solutions The digital data security risk landscape is evolving as rapidly as technology is. While it’s […]