Enterprise Cloud, DevOps and Datacentre Management Conference

26 September 2018

Victoria Park Plaza




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Session ONE – The Future of Cloud Computing

Organisations adopting cloud computing solutions are exploiting new business opportunities and continually looking to reduce risk and address concerns about security, infrastructure and operations.  

This session will discuss:

  • Becoming agile
  • Business adoption trends
  • Big data and the cloud
  • Cloud strategy and security
  • New commercial challenges


Chair’s Opening Address
Realising Business Ambitions with Cloud Computing

Have attitudes towards Cloud computing transformed in recent years?

We explore:

  • Empowering your organisation to take full advantage of the benefits Cloud computing offers
  • The visibility challenge and safe storage/monitoring of company data
  • Risks to the enterprise from data theft, leakage, targeted attacks
  • End-point protection and authentication processes
  • Identifying, monitoring and managing vulnerabilities
  • Reducing security workloads across virtual and physical deployments
Clouding Essentials: Driving Business Innovation with Hybrid Cloud

With organisations increasingly moving to the cloud, what does ‘hybrid’ really mean and why is it a preferred solution for many IT departments?

We explore:

  • How to go about customising, securing and combining on-premises and off-premises environments in an innovative way
  • Managing the API lifecycle and portal managed services in cloud
  • Assessing federated standards and trust frameworks
  • Driving the agility needed for rapid business responsiveness
The Business Benefits of a Well-Defined Cloud Strategy

An exploration of how a well-defined strategy can unlock cost savings and productivity. We look at:

  • Addressing Business Change
  • Assessing key business drivers specific to your organisation
  • Creating new services and revenue models
  • Standardising application platforms
  • Creating cloud ecosystem that is conducive for sustained innovation
  • Deployment planning and readiness
  • Key benefits and timelines
  • Removing complexities and ensuring compliance
  • Future-proofing your cloud strategy as technology evolves
Navigating the mobile cloud curves ahead

Helping organisations address the challenges of securing content stored in third party cloud repositories – and how to design and deploy enterprise apps in the cloud.

Smarting your assets with cloud-based analytics

Companies today process 1,000 times more data than a decade ago.

This presentation will explore:

  • How decision makers can benefit from cloud access to big data
  • What geography means for big data analysis
  • Why big data should be blended, never mashed
  • How to build big data solutions using the agile model
Maximising Value from the Data Centre

The data centre is the lifeblood of any large enterprise organisation.

In this session we explore:

  • Virtual Server Security and data monitoring
  • Overcoming visibility challenges
  • Tuning your network for optimum performance
  • Monitoring new apps and introducing new tools


Questions To The Panel Of Speakers
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Intelligent Cloud Security: Unmasking the architecture behind secure public, private and hybrid clouds
  • Designing security for virtual environments
  • Understanding your data and making informed risk-based decisions
  • Optimising cloud security, trust and transparency
  • Securing Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Computing
  • How to work your cloud around the UK ICO’s Data Protection Act
  • Involving Governance and Risk teams
  • Identifying usage patterns, highlighting anomalous activity
Improving agility through Software Defined Networking

Key points of discussion:   

  • How large enterprise can meet their IT needs in enabling rapid service delivery
  • Managing data services through the virtual data plane   
  • The latest cutting-edge innovations in SDN, software defined storage, software define infrastructure and the benefits they can deliver.
Questions to the Panel of Speakers and Delegates move to the Seminar Rooms
Seminar Sessions
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Session TWO – Sharing best practice and case studies to help organisations achieve desired outcomes

Measuring outcomes, benchmarking performance and celebrating success through innovation


Chair’s Afternoon Address
Case Study: A Cloud Enablement Strategy for Large Enterprise

We look at how one large enterprise organisation has expanded the enterprise capabilities of its ICT infrastructure to deliver efficiencies and significant cost-savings, with specific reference to data, users, information, cost savings and technologies.

Mobile and Collaborative Working Methods

With the ultimate aim of making the enterprise more profitable and productive, unified communication and collaboration present a key challenge to IT departments.

How can multiple devices on multiple platforms be seamlessly integrated and made secure?

This session looks to answer the most common concerns around:

  • Optimisation of existing infrastructure to allow for flexible and collaborative working
  • Tools and technologies which can be capitalised upon to deliver tangible budget savings
  • Designing collaborative solutions with productivity and usability in mind
  • Scale – in particular the expansion, reduction, diversification of services
Case Study: Migrating your Technology Infrastructure to the Cloud

This session features an enterprise organisation that has successfully unlocked the business benefits of a virtualised environment to improve business operations and streamline processes. We explore how, in their journey towards Cloud implementation, they overcame excessive complexity, capital constraints and inflexible systems.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers
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Facing up to the legal challenges of Cloud computing

This presentation will explore:

  • Striking the right balance – negotiating cloud contracts
  • Taking a positive approach to data protection in the cloud
  • Keeping the rights to your data and IP – licensing issues
  • Staying flexible – the commercial and contractual lock-in issues to avoid
Building Resilience: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management

Cloud computing can assist in the delivery of a business continuity plan, including most notably by automating tasks which are fundamental to providing rapid and reliable recovery. This session explores:

  • How an organisation can continually replicate without impacting on application performance
  • The implications of organisations virtualising storage, desktops and networks
  • The key challenges of protecting virtual applications
  • Protecting your private cloud
  • Reliable recovery and automation of recovery plans
  • Back-up strategies
Reducing Complexity, Increasing Productivity

New technologies and modern app architecture have created a complex environment for applications. This session will explore:

  • Who needs application performance management?
  • Selecting the right APM tools for cloud-based applications
  • Real time visibility into apps, monitoring speed of transactions, networking issues, workflow
  • Ability to extract key business and performance metrics
  • Dynamically provisioning app resources and leveraging cloud capacity on an as-needed basis
  • Identifying potential performance problems before they impact business
Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair
Conference Closes, Delegates Depart

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