Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

18th August 2014

Blogging, for me, requires concentration and a busy office is not the best place for me to concentrate. For me the ideal condition to work […]

G-Cloud security approach to begin next week

22nd July 2014

G-Cloud is in favour of a new self-asserted security policy and will look to phase out Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) from July 30th 2014. G-Cloud […]

The next leap in Government IT

9th July 2014

With remarkable advances in technology over the last couple of decades, tablets and smartphones to name just a couple, technology is creating great opportunity in […]

2013-14 Government savings claimed to be over £14bn

10th June 2014

More services have been moved online in Whitehall as an improvement on digital services, it’s drive for efficiency and reform looks to have cut a […]

The Challenges of going Digital by Default

2nd June 2014

The UK government is set to save £500 million this year owing to the digital by default agenda which was cemented with the launch of […]

G-Cloud has helped public sector organisations save over £120m

16th April 2014

The UK government’s G-Cloud framework and Cloud Store have helped public sector organisations unlock over £120m in savings, according to chief operations officer and deputy […]

Digital Inclusion Strategy: Helping everyone to get online

The UK government has launched a Digital Inclusion Strategy to reduce the number of people who are offline by 25% by 2016.