UK Government Commit to Continuing the Transformation of Public Services Until 2020

The Government Transformation Strategy (GTS) published on the 9th February 2017 promises a complete overhaul of functionality within the UK Government designed to improve efficiency […]

The Launch of a Governmental IT Quality and Assurance Framework is Announced

The UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has joined forces with the Home Office to produce an IT Quality and Assurance Framework, designed to support […]

Press release – Putting agility at the heart of government

3rd March 2017

The government’s commitment to improve its delivery of public services by introducing an Agile business culture has been welcomed by one of the approach’s leading […]

Key Milestones of the Government Digital Service

11th August 2016

Established in 2011, the Government Digital Service has spearheaded digital transformation across central government and ushered in new ways of working that are efficient, user-centric […]

Why the Service Desk should be at the very heart of any organisations ‘Users First’ policy.

1st July 2016

Design Principle #1 for the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) states; ‘Start with needs – user needs not government needs’. Putting ‘users first’ is a […]

The Digital Struggle – Establishing Strategy and Skill

13th May 2016

Steven Cox, Executive Director and Vice President for Public Sector, Fujitsu UK & Ireland In today’s digital era, the pressure is on for governments and […]

‘End of life’ technology is what’s really driving Public Sector to the cloud

30th September 2015

Redcentric research shows that the public sector is still only taking first tentative cloud steps 30 September 2015: In spite of the Government’s Cloud First strategy […]

Four technology innovations challenging the public sector (and what to do about them)

28th September 2015

By Mark Hall, public sector director at Redcentric In this new ‘digital forward’ era, the Government is focused on delivering digital public services via initiatives […]

Open Source vs Propriety Software

12th August 2015

Open source software differs from traditional propriety software because the software source code can be modified or enhanced by anyone. The way a program or […]

HMRC confirms plans to bring IT services under its own control

11th August 2015

With their current contract with Aspire due to expire in 2017, HM Revenue and Customs have announced that they plan to bring some of their […]