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25 September 2018

Victoria Park Plaza



Brexit should not impact disaggregation

4th May 2017

By Dave Aspindle, Head of Public Sector, Littlefish The recent reports [] that Brexit will lead to government organisations rolling-over on existing IT contracts and […]

How can the Public Sector save on Oracle and SAP Support Bills?

2nd May 2017

By Mark Smith, CEO of Support Revolution When former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, set out the Government’s spending plans in November 2015, it […]



Tuesday 9th May, 2017

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


How Agile Enables Quicker, Smarter, Customer-focused Services

The presentation considers the key challenges around the transformation to an ‘Agile’ way of working for the delivery of ICT projects. We focus specifically on how Agile is helping support government in its aim to deliver digital services to the customer quickly that are simpler, easier, and more accessible to use.

Join this interactive session to learn how government organisations and local authority’s are liberating people, time and money from costly ongoing SAP and Oracle maintenance — and investing in strategic initiatives that create real-world competitive advantage.

Ensuring the Success of Your IT Projects

Why do many projects fail to deliver value? We offer a walk through to reducing the size and complexity of projects, better managing risks and key metrics for success.

Using Data Analytics and Visualisation to Improve Government Processes

Government has long used official statistics to influence and inform policymaking. But it has been slower to adopt the transformative impact of big data in the management and decision-making process. We look at how government teams can tap into the wealth of insight data analytics offers, to completely reform how processes are managed, and to ensure that decisions are based on evidence and clear metrics.

Getting to the Granular Level of Customer Needs Through User Research

The design principles created by the Government Digital Service recommend putting user-needs at the start and heart of any transformation project. In fact, it is an essential part of working in a truly agile manner that user-needs are considered at every stage of development to ensure you are creating services that are responsive.

Good user-research is therefore essential to ensuring you truly understand what your users want, need, and hope for. Join this workshop as we look at the ways you can gain an extra layer of understating into your customers to make better services overall.

Deploying Technology for Workplace Flexibility

Gone are the days when devices were handed out to civil servants, locked-down and essentially unusable. Every one of your employees now holds in their pocket a device which feasibly should allow them to work from anywhere on earth.

But the management of these devices brings new complexities, from ensuring they are sufficiently secure to making sure they can access internal services. We explore how you can manage mobile devices in your department to bring about true workplace flexibility for your employees.


Don’t Miss Out on Start-up Innovation

As the chancellor commits to 33% of all procurement spending going towards small and medium businesses by 2020, the GovTech market is set to boom.

Join this session as we explore how public sector bodies can find where innovative solutions are being created to help government offer better, more agile services. We look at the current solutions being offered, and explore a case study of how a large government department working with a start-up transformed the way they handled a back-end service.

Identity and Access Management for Government

A key part of any transformation strategy is making sure that all digital services are as secure as possible. As services move to the cloud and other online services become public-facing, having a correctly managed identity and access management system only grows in importance as well.

Join this session as we explore how solutions for authentication, access and single-sign on are best suited for government services and how you can be assured that sensitive assets are best protected, even on the cloud.

A Guide to Moving Legacy Systems to the Cloud

Moving large, monolithic services to the cloud can seem a daunting task. But as the Digital Transformation Strategy highlights, there are tangible benefits to breaking down a monolithic IT structure to allow more agile, responsive, and sharable government services.

In this session we look at the difficulties public bodies face when attempting to move legacy systems to the cloud and offer key tips for successful transition.

Putting in Place a Unified Communication System across Government

Services, projects and operations work best when people can communicate with each other effectively. Technology has meant this is now possible, but all too often civil servants are left communicating with byzantine email systems and missed calls.

In this seminar we look at:

  • The advantages of putting in place a unified, modern IM system across government departments
  • How you can implement this service to work alongside current communication systems, and how we avoid vendor lock-in
  • Success stories and useful tips for collaborative, flexible working practices