5 interesting Big Data articles

23rd March 2016

Preparing this upcoming March BDA conference, at Exoscale, we’ve been out surfing the web again, in search of interesting or entertaining bits and pieces of […]

Critically Engaging with Big Data

5th February 2016

We often hear of the multiple benefits big data can bring to the corporate space and to society at large.



Wednesday 13th June, 2017

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Harnessing Data for the Right Now Economy
  • How to empower your decision-makers
  • How to operationalise insights for impactful action
  • How to create a data-driven model and culture that differentiates you from your peers
  • How to create personalised analytic experiences for your customers and partners
Moving Your Data Architecture to the Cloud

Cloud computing offers a number of advantages over traditional architectures. This also applies to database technology and big data where the power and convenience of the Cloud makes it the obvious choice to move your data and insights operations as they grow.

We look at:

  • What it means to be architected for the Cloud
  • Ways to create a hybrid big data architecture
  • Moving management and processing tools to the Cloud
  • How to manage integration and connectivity
  • Creating a stable Cloud ecosystem that requires minimum maintenance and oversight
Using Machine Learning to Build Predictive Models

This session will look at how you can begin to use new advances in machine learning technology to build forecasting models with greater accuracy than any human analysis.

We provide:

  • An overview of Machine Learning and Neural Network best practices
  • Finding the best dataset to train and test your model and common pitfalls you can avoid
  • Use-cases beyond image processing
Regulatory Compliance and Big Data

This session will discuss the challenges around Big Data and the increasingly complex task of meeting regulatory compliance across several industries.

Looking at:

  • Managing and identifying PII (Personally identifiable information)
  • GDPR through the lens of Big Data – balancing the imperative to grow with privacy
  • Trends in regulation and looking to create a compliance culture in your organisation
Seizing the Big Data Opportunity: Putting Data at the Centre of Your Business

The ethos of big data is the collection and analysis of information to benefit your business’ processes at every level. But too often analytic developments can quickly become siloed and stuck in your insights team.

This session explores how you can break down siloes, and enable your organisation to use analytics to drive decision making across your organisation in order to take full advantage of the potential this technology offers.

Revving up to Real-Time Data

Being able to offer instantaneous insights can offer untold competitive advantages to an organisation. But getting there is technically challenging and requires a full commitment to improving a big data programme.

Featuring one company who have completely overhauled their processes and are consequently reaping the benefits of a high-velocity data system – this session will outline the process of implementing a fast data solution that can offer real-time insights and process large volumes of dynamic data.

Complex Systems and Data Lakes

Data Lakes are storage repositories of large amounts of structured and unstructured data. They are also the most effective way of collecting a wealth of information efficiently from your customers and business operations to ensure you are getting sufficient ‘volume’ for your big data team.

This seminar addresses:

  • Creating an architecture that can support a high-volume data lake
  • Cataloguing data effectively to make retrieval for analysis as simple as possible
  • Tangible steps towards leveraging insights from your data lake
How Advanced Data Visualisation Can Unlock Value for Your Business

An exploration of how data visualisation can allow you to communicate complex patterns and relationships in a complex data environment. Visualisation capabilities allow you to combine a myriad of data sources to create thorough analyses that realise the potential of your collected data.

This session will cover how one platform can meet your visualisation needs and show the power of visual communication to transform messy and complex datasets to powerful insights that can drive real change in your organisation.

Database Structures to Improve Performance

The number of potential database management systems can seem overwhelming. Although database technology has made rapid advancements in several areas, where response-times are critical choosing the right kind of system is essential.

Join this session for a discussion around database systems and architectures and how you can set about choosing the right one to fit your business needs.