Big Data Analytics

23 May 2017

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam



5 interesting Big Data articles

23rd March 2016

Preparing this upcoming March BDA conference, at Exoscale, we’ve been out surfing the web again, in search of interesting or entertaining bits and pieces of […]

Critically Engaging with Big Data

5th February 2016

We often hear of the multiple benefits big data can bring to the corporate space and to society at large.



Previous Speakers

Professor Marc Salomon

Dean of the Amsterdam Business School (ABS), Director of the MBA in Big Data & Business Analytics and Member of the Big Data Alliance board

Marc is a member of the Big Data Alliance board, Dean/Professor at the University of Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and Director of the MBA in Big Data & Business Analytics. His research interests are in the field of Operations Research with applications to areas such as transport and logistics, marketing and professional service firms.

Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam, Marc was COO at the law firm Stibbe (2004-2013), COO and Director of Research at McKinsey & Company (1998-2004), Director of the Center for Applied Mathematics at Rabobank (1996-1998) and Professor in Operations Research at Tilburg University (1996 – 2005).

Marc holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Econometrics from the VU University Amsterdam and a PhD in Business & Operations Research from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Diederik Meijerink

Data Scientist, Schiphol Group

Diederik Meijerink works as team leader in the Data Innovation Lab at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Diederik is managing the data innovation lab. He has been active in extracting value from data for over 7 years. He is intrigued by the data sphere, the web and travelling the world.

Sjoerd Blum

Head of Business Technology Center, Schiphol Group

Sjoerd Blüm is responsible for the Business Technology Center at Schiphol including IT Innovation, Big Data, Strategic Alignment and IT Process Management.

Schiphol aims to be the world’s best digital airport. Important cornerstones for this ambition come together in the Business Technology Center that Sjoerd is managing. One of these cornerstones is the setting up of a data innovation lab to discover valuable insights.
Sjoerd joined Schiphol in 2015 after 10+ years in the financial sector where he set up new organisations and lead transformations of existing organisations.

Aziz Mohammadi

Manager Data Scientists Team and Senior Data Scientist at ING Nederland

Aziz Mohammadi is currently manager of the Data Science team within ING Netherlands. One of his main responsibilities is to make Data Science a core capability within ING generating tangible customer and business value. He is also a Senior Data Scientist with over 7 years of experience. He continues to work on several business projects in diverse areas such as Marketing, Risk, Fraud and IT. He has previously served as a Product Owner bringing new data driven services to ING customers through their mobile app. Aziz holds a Master degree in Business Mathematics and Informatics (graduated with honours).

Dr. Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch

Director, Global Brand Consumer Analytics – Marketing Intelligence & Data Science, ‎Adidas Group

Dr. Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch is the global Director of Marketing Intelligence at Adidas group where she is responsible for advanced analytic and data science initiatives to bring consumers to the heart of all adidas activities. Maryam has years of experience in data science and advanced analytics in leading organizations such as Xaxis, SAP, IBM research, and DePaul University. Maryam has a PhD in business information technology from Karlsruhe University, Germany.

Paul Poels

Director of Digital Analytics at PhilipsDirector of Digital Analytics at Philips

Paul Poels is the Global Lead of Digital Analytics at Philips. He has developed digital analytics as a capability in Philips, and has deployed this globally across all markets and Business Groups. Paul is continuously improving the maturity of digital analytics in the company, by developing new tools and ways of working, and training the marketing teams. Paul has been with Philips since 2009, working in various positions in strategy, marketing and digital marketing. Before Philips, Paul worked as a consultant for 9 years, at KPMG Consulting and at McKinsey. He graduated at Eindhoven University of Technology with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Natalino Busa

Enterprise Data Architect, ING Group

Natalino is currently Enterprise Data Architect at ING Group in the Netherlands, where he leads digital transformations for company-wide, mission-critical, data-driven systems.

His strengths are in data technology from strategy to design for data-driven applications, such as personalized marketing, predictive analytics and fraud/security management. Natalino is an all-round IT Innovator and seasoned data scientist with 15+ year’s of experience in research, development and management of distributed architectures and scalable services and applications. He blogs regularly about big data, analytics, data science and scala reactive programming at

Davide Cervellin

Head of EU Analytics, Merchant Development, eBay

Davide Cervellin is Head of EU Analytics at eBay. With more than 10 years of experience in roles across Finance, Analytics, Business Development and Ecommerce, he is now responsible for analysis related to business-to-consumer sales on the European eBay marketplaces sites. Prior to this, he was responsible for the definition of the global strategy for online B2C sales at Pirelli Tyres and for Analytics and Performance Management at Vodafone.

Dr. Maria Girone

Chief Technology Officer, CERN Openlab

Maria Girone graduated in Physics at the University of Bari (Italy). She obtained her Ph.D. in High Energy Physics in 1994. Maria obtained a CERN research fellowship in the ALEPH experiment and later worked at Imperial College, London as a research associate with the LHCb collaboration.

Maria joined the IT Department at CERN an applied scientist in 2002. Two years later, she was appointed as section leader and service manager of the Oracle database services for the LHC experiments. In 2009, she moved on to become deputy group leader of the CERN IT Experiment Support group and task leader within the EGI-InSPIRE project.

In 2012, Maria became the founding chair of the WLCG Operations Coordination team, responsible for the core operations and commissioning of new services in the WLCG. The following year, she was appointed the Computing Coordinator for the CMS Experiment at CERN. As Coordinator Maria was responsible for 70 computing centers on 5 continents and more than 100 FTE of effort yearly to archive, simulate, process and serve petabytes of data.

In January 2016, Maria took over the responsibility of CERN openlab Chief Technology Officer.

Francesco Gadaleta

Data Scientist, Johnson & Johnson

Francesco Gadaleta, PhD is Data Scientist in the Advanced Analytics Team of Johnson&Johnson. He is a former member of the Statistical Genetics Unit at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Liège, where he focused on integrating heterogeneous data. Francesco was also a Data Scientist at the Department of Human Genetics at the University Hospital UZ Leuven, where he was involved in the Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) project.

Since 2010, he has been a science writer at – thinking human world in mathematical terms, where he also runs Data Science at Home and public podcasts about Data Science.

Kalman Tiboldi

Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH Group

Kalman Tiboldi is the Chief Business Innovation Officer of TVH, worldwide market leader in replacement parts for material handling and in-plant industrial vehicles and has over 35 year experience in using information technology for business process innovation.
Kalman merged IT and Business in a new department called Business Innovation through IT (BI²T) and managed to promote the collaboration between IT and Business as driving force behind innovation. With his team he has successfully implemented a flawless IT infrastructure with flexible applications, based on service-oriented architecture, turning TVH into a real-time, extended enterprise.

Providing the leadership and direction towards the development and implementation of information systems, Kalman is taking advantage from Cloud-based Services, Big Data and Internet of Things and strongly support Open Source solutions.

Kalman holds a Civil Engineer Polytechnician degree from Military Technical Academy of Bucharest and a Master of Mathematics and Computer Science degree from University of Bucharest.

He was named IT Manager of the Year’ – Large Organizations in 2004 and 2011 by Leading European Trade Publication, Data News.

Mohammed Younos

Business Analyst , Improve Digital B.V.

Mohammed is an accomplished IT industry professional with 20+ years’ experience understanding business needs and developing tailored solutions. He has worked extensively with analytics and machine learning technology during a 15 year tenure in Amazon’s software development team. He won the Amazon Achievement award in 2005 and the “Just Do It” award in 2010. After leaving Amazon, Mohammed served as Head of IT for Logistics Company, building a full-featured logistics tool from concept to implementation. He recently joined Improve Digital as Business Analyst, working with big data and data analytics to identify trends, building useful metrics and visual maps that enable clients to grow revenue and operate more efficiently.

Hovhannes Khandanyan

Manager, Big Data Analytics at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Hovhannes Khandanyan is Manager of Big Data Analytics at CWT Solutions Group, the consulting arm of Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT). In this role, Hovhannes creates innovative data products to help companies make the most of their travel programs.
His most recent research has focused on analyzing and understanding the spending behavior of employees, both during their business trips and at the office. Hovhannes has conceived and developed a new model to analyze travel and entertainment expenses, which helps finance, procurement and travel decision makers to identify the areas of spending where action is most needed.

Prior to joining CWT, Hovhannes worked at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), home of world’s most powerful particle accelerator. His research focused on identifying signals of interest in the massive amounts of collision data produced at CERN. Hovhannes holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Over the last decade Hovhannes has lived and worked in five countries across three continents, which allowed him to both develop professionally and acquire a network of outstanding collaborators.