Big Data Analytics

8 March 2018

Postillion Convention Centre Amsterdam



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The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.

Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.


Going Deep on Your Data

Data is everywhere in the modern information economy. But it’s what you see in your data that makes the difference. We typically hear a lot about how big data can deliver usable insights but what does this mean exactly? How can companies turn big data into decision-making power on customers, security and much more?

This seminar explores how advanced analytics are being utilised across industries for business success. We explore how you can reduce time to value, why business and IT collaboration is necessary, how data visualisation and big data technologies are coming together with agile development methods to empower users to be productive with data sooner.

Preparing Your Enterprise for the Delivery of Big Data from Strategy to Implementation

Understanding and harnessing the growing volumes of information that your enterprise has amassed, and continues to gather, is one of the greatest challenges facing companies today. We look at how your enterprise can prepare for big data, what business leaders need to be mindful of, and what to look for when you select a workload distribution. From proof of concept and piloting to the real deal – what do big data projects cost, what are the risks, and what skills will your enterprise require?

How Machine Learning can capture the full of value of your data

Most basic analytical methods in BI reduce reporting to sums, simple averages and running SQL queries. We look at how machine learning is ideal for exploiting opportunities in your disparate data sources, and how it can yield higher quality insights.

Data Science in the Cloud

This seminar will explore:

  • Challenges and Solutions for Big Data in the Cloud
  • Unlocking the potential of big data in cloud environments
  • Solving problems and delivering value with cloud-based analytics
Maximising the Potential of Real-time Visualisations

Understanding how your business can benefit from powerful visualisations designed to work with time-critical data.


Business Opportunities from IoT and Big Data

The IT systems of the past will not be able to handle the burgeoning requirements of machine-to-machine communications. Finding tools that will bridge the Internet of Things and Big Data is no easy feat – but once bridged, the business opportunities are rich with possibility.  


Why Data Quality Matters

Taking the time to map out what data quality means to your organisation can have ripple-effects for improved growth, better outcomes and ultimately better customer experiences and retention. In this seminar, we walk you through how to create a data quality checklist, assessment and cleansing methods, and the characteristics of good quality data.


Unlocking Value from Unstructured Data

It is estimated that at least 80% of information within enterprises is unstructured. How can enterprises unlock value from unstructured data?


The Evolving Big Data Architecture

Complex workload tools like Hadoop, Spark are now dominating the landscape for new business applications. Business demands flexible data architectures that can address today’s challenges. In fact, the data architecture of the future will focus around specialisation, not standardisation, to achieve optimal business results. Come and find out how and why this matters for your business.


Using Big Data to Secure the Perimeter

Join this session to find out how organisations are leveraging Big Data to address the growing problems associated with fraud, insider attacks and APTs. We address how you can proactively detect and address incidents, keeping your customers happy and preventing unnecessary revenue loss.