Big Data Analytics

23 May 2017

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam



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Session ONE – Utilising Big Data Analytics to Extract Value and Achieve Actionable Business Insights

  • Making Business Sense of Big Data: What does it mean for your enterprise and how can you harness it to add value and improve performance?
  • Forecasting and Decision-Making: Turning data into new visibility, gaining real-time and actionable insights and business intelligence to inform better decision-making
  • Utilising predictive analytics for impactful action
  • Building an agile, responsive and powerful Big Data architecture
  • Opportunities & Challenges: Identifying trends and patterns of activity in structured and unstructured data to better understand your customers, users, transactions and systems
The Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks

Professor Marc Salomon, Dean of the Amsterdam Business School (ABS), Director of the MBA in Big Data & Business Analytics and Member of the Big Data Alliance Board

Making Business Sense of Big Data: Exploring the Disruptive Potential of Big Data as a Game-Changing Enterprise Technology

In today’s world, harnessing analytic capabilities to drive business growth is going to be a key differentiator for any enterprise. But how can businesses tap the huge deluge of data, both structured and unstructured, to achieve the greatest impact and insights? How do you leverage your data assets and deploy tools that lead to prescriptive action? In our opening keynote session, we look to address these questions and more, including:

  • Why is Big Data Analytics becoming so important and what can we do with it? What are the key drivers for Big Data?
  • How can enterprises establish a roadmap for Big Data implementation, and gather momentum to create a game-changing vision for their business?
  • What is the potential for Big Data to fuel technological disruption? What impact is it having on emerging technologies (e.g. IoT) and how will it impact the conventional IT department?
  • How can enterprises provide governance across data when the originating sources may have varying quality and privacy/security constraints?
Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Space Operations: An open team work

Dr Redouane Boumghar, Research Fellow at the European Space Operations Center

Space engineers manage many missions every day. Each space mission representing a great amount of data, artificial intelligence plays a central role in analysing and understanding the different situations. Several skills are required to understand all what is happening in spacecraft operations, having a good map of these skills, helps to gather domain knowledge. This knowledge is essential for building machine learning solutions. Through this talk, the speaker shows how important interactions between people are, and the tools used and actions taken to open minds and ease the whole process in a very conservative environment.

Gaining Immediate Value from Big Data with Existing In-House Resources

Dominik Classen, Director of Sales Engineering EMEA & APAC, Pentaho

This presentation will discuss:

•Challenges of working with big data (emerging volumes, variety, and constantly emerging technology)

•How this can be alleviated with up-to-date technology (Pentaho’s drag-and-drop UI that allows any developer to work with traditional or Big Data, flexibility to sit on top of existing DW but expand into Big Data technologies, Pentaho’s ability to pull in Machine Learning algorithms or predictive models as well as external plug-ins based on Pentaho’s open source heritage)

Analytics Services for Peers in the B2B space

Christian Elsasser, Manager – Data Analytics, Swiss Re

Swiss Re as the world’s leading reinsurer develops various services based on predictive analytics for its clients. The Global Motor Risk Map is one of these services and gives a granular view on the motor accident risk, even in the absence of accident or insurance statistics. The generated insights allow clients to make smarter decisions in business steering and risk selection.

Our work gave us extensive experience in how to engineer a predictive analytics service, how to develop it further for a specific market, and tailor it to specific client needs. An important aspect in the development was the effective collaboration between the various parties with different expertise. They ranged from data scientists, business development experts, and IT specialists on Swiss Re’s side to actuaries and sales management from the client.

Aegon: Building a Digital platform - A Data Lake in the cloud

Juriaan Spek, Program Manager DAS-project, Aegon

Session overview:

About Ageon
• Business requirements
o Better customer experience
o Greater business insight from data
o Data control and privacy
o Short innovation cycles
o A real-time Data Lake in the AWS Cloud using Attunity Replicate
o Creation of “fit for purpose” publication sets
o Continuous integration and delivery
o Creation of autonomous Agile teams


Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Morning Networking and Refreshments Served in the Exhibition Area
Conversion Rate Optimisation Using Big Data and Data Science

Dr David Stephenson, Chief Data Scientist, DSI Analytics 

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) requires a multi-disciplinary approach fed by a broad data eco-system. In this talk, we discuss ways in which Big Data and Data Science can provide valuable enhancements to CRO, particularly by enabling customer journey analysis and by expanding the insights related to user-centric hypothesis testing. We also talk about the how data science is both complemented and supplemented by Big Data solutions and end by discussing an architecture used recently to quickly move a mid-sized company into Big Data capabilities and further enable a real-time recommendation engine with only a few weeks of development time.


Water Utility Innovations

Kees Kerkhoven, Information Analyst, Vitens N.V.

Vitens is the largest drinking water company in The Netherlands, delivering 350 million m³ top quality drinking water annually to 5.6 million people and companies. The 9.000 kilometre long pipeline network in the province of Friesland has been equipped with sensors to improve the monitoring and management of this water supply network. It’s Vitens ambition to create a data-driven water supply system using innovate sensor technology and open data and models. By using smart data analysis, Vitens plans to reduce energy consumption, improve the water quality and detect interruptions real time while keeping customers better informed.

Questions to the Panel of Speakers and attendees move to seminar rooms
Seminar Sessions
Networking Lunch Served in the Exhibition Area

Session TWO: Big Data, Big Impact – Making Data the Centrepiece of your Business

  • Solving critical challenges and fulfilling your strategic vision
  • Use data analytics to identify the needles of valuable data within your digital haystack
  • Manage and implement a secure and scalable Big Data architecture
  • Explore industry best requirements, legalities and regulations
  • Improve operational efficiencies and enhance long-term success of data initiatives
The Conference Chair Opens the Afternoon Session
Harnessing Your Data to Improve Customer Experience

Adrian Swinscoe, Forbes Contributor, Customer Experience Evangelist

Customer experience is increasingly become the battleground on which companies compete. In this afternoon keynote, Adrian will explore some of the common challenges and pitfalls businesses face when it comes to harnessing data, what they can do to surmount them, how they should approach data as they look to grow and what else they should be focusing on to help them develop and deliver the market leading customer experience that they desire.

How Graph Databases Drive Enterprises

Darko Krizic, Chief Technology Officer, PRODYNA AG

In this talk we showcase five different Neo4j use cases we have implemented as a consulting company at diverse customers in various industries. We will highlight how the different projects developed from first concept to final implementation. This talk will also give you insights into how Graph Databases bring great value to your business. Finally we like to demystify some misconceptions you might have about Graph Databases.

Leveraging the Power of Big Data Through Alteryx

Johannes Wagner, Manager Advanced Analytics, adidas group

  • Quick overview of how we use Big Data at adidas
  • How Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server helps us to rapidly deploy and adjust analytical processes in a Big Data environment
  • Example use-case of the above


Questions to the Panel of Speakers
Afternoon Networking and Refreshments served in the Exhibition Area
Data Analytics and Big Data at AXA Belgium

Colin Molter, Chief Data Scientist, AXA Belgium

Data analytics are transforming the insurance industry. About a year ago, to lead the AXA Belgium data transformation on the “Big Data” front, Colin Molter received the opportunity to create the AXA Belgium “Data Lab”. Starting from scratch, his continuously growing team gathers now 10 people from various disciplines (from devops to data scientists, including front-end developers, data vizz specialists, project managers, etc.). During his presentation, Colin will explain the DataLab’s main objectives and challenges. He will further share his experience regarding key findings he learned during his journey.

Integrating A Feedback Loop In Recommendation Systems

Thiago de Faria, DataOps Consultant, LINKIT B.V.

Triggered by the large amounts of data that our digital presence generates, we have all become accustomed to using recommendation systems. Amazon pushes you books and similar products, Google sends you ads based on your search history, while Netflix recommends you and even build scripts supported by user-interaction data. However, if your child uses your streaming services for several hours, you might start seeing peculiar suggestions of cartoons. Maybe you searched a gift for your mother, so now you have Google Ads informing you about the new medicine for osteoporosis. How can you provide instructions and feedback for your digital track so they know that is not what you would like to see? Is automating every step of such systems the best way?

Next Generation Predictive Analytics

A predictive capacity can lead to better financial results and greater competitive advantage. In this presentation we hear from a major retailer on how they are capitalising on predictive analytics to deliver big results on such things as product profitability, revenue analysis, customer sentiment analysis, demand chain optimisation and sales performance monitoring.

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Closing Remarks from the Conference Chair
Conference Closes, Delegates Depart

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