The Big Data Enterprise

11th June 2014

Data volume in the enterprise is set to grow fifty times year-over-year through to 2020, with new data sources encompassing social media, mobile, web and […]

Big Data Changes Weather Forecasting in 3 Ways

9th June 2014

We can’t change the weather, this is a fact that will remain but it does seem that we can enhance our ability to predict what […]

Good news, your data scientist just got a personal assistant

4th June 2014

If you are or have a data scientist in house you’re in for good news.

Big Data ETL Across Multiple Data Centers

28th May 2014

Scientific applications, weather forecasting, click-stream analysis, web crawling, and social networking applications often have several distributed data sources, i.e., big data is collected in separate […]

Unlocking value from big data for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

25th April 2014

With estimates that data is set to grow 10-fold in the next six years to 2020 from 4.4 zettabytes to 44ZB, small and large enterprises […]

Big Data and the NHS – The row

20th February 2014

The British Medical Association (BMA) has called for a halt to the UK government’s controversial initiative, which aims to use patient data to enhance […]

Open Science: Big Data Meets Cancer

13th January 2014

Cancer claims millions of lives worldwide every year, yet a staggering third of cancers can be prevented by the use of big data according to […]

Big Data Analytics will become mainstream across enterprises in 2014, says new study

Last week, IDG published findings from their Big Data Analytics Enterprise survey which asked 751 respondents about their organisations’ big data initiatives, investments and strategies. […]

Data footprint: Is privacy obsolete?

2nd January 2014

It is estimated that the average individual’s data footprint is just less than one terabyte. According to Erez Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel’s book “Unchartered: Big […]

Are analytics in big data a necessity for retailers?

Asking the right questions from your customer unlocks significant business value and insight. Using analytics, that information can help a company to delve further into […]