What Can You Do With Data?

1st April 2015

Marketing and data science is an interesting area, CMOs everywhere are looking to leverage their datasets to best market products to their customers. The main […]

World Water Day: Can Big Data Help?

19th March 2015

New challenges are created around the world from flooding, climate change, droughts and population growth. Connected smart systems are helping to make countries and cities […]

The 4 Layers of Big Data That You Must Know

24th February 2015

A lot of confusion surrounds big data. What is it specifically? To bring clarity to the situation of the concept we must look at the […]

Limited Skills are Big Data’s Biggest Barrier

18th February 2015

Most companies are unsure about how to implement buzzword technologies such as Hadoop and Big Data, claims a study conducted by SnapLogic and TechValidate. “There is […]

Creating Value By Becoming An Analytics Driven Organisation

12th January 2015

Many companies are turning to analytics to unlock new streams of value and cultivate future opportunities, analytics can even extend to security. EY’s latest research […]

Big Data Surprises from 2014

7th January 2015

Big data came in to real focus last year, whether it was being used to detect sleeping patterns, work out love lives or even consumer […]

Smashing world records yet again in the TPC-H

13th November 2014

This time we’ve tested up to 100TB and you won’t believe the results In 2008 we smashed it. In 2009 we knocked everyone’s socks off. […]

Why speed does matter

12th November 2014

I recently had a discussion with a journalist about whether speed mattered in databases. I found it confusing at the time. Surely, it’s a no-brainer: […]

Big Data: Five Tips to Get Started Quickly and Make it Work

2nd October 2014

So much talk – but so far not much action. When it comes to big data, everybody agrees on its business potential. However, many projects […]

Tips for success: Big Data

30th September 2014

It would appear that the concept of big data requires more company buy-in than an investment in technology. During the big data hype of the […]