Implementing Information Governance with 5 Easy Tips

12th June 2017

By Tim Lang, Chief Technology Officer at MicroStrategy In today’s global marketplace, business intelligence (BI) is not just for senior management. Employees from all levels […]

If Data is as Valuable as Gold, It’s Time to Polish Your Data Architecture

30th May 2017

It speaks volumes of the world we live in today when headlines such as “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” […]

The Age of the Customer: The Key to the 360° View

10th May 2017

The evolution of modern technology in the past 10 years is astounding: our mobile phones are becoming smarter by the second, our online behavior is […]


8th May 2017

The debut of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 ushered in a location data revolution. The exponential rise in mobile devices, crowdsourcing applications, and smart gadgets connected […]


As massive amounts of data are stockpiled in databases and CRM platforms, executives are turning to data analysts to make sense of it all. But […]

Decoding AI

13th April 2017

We live in the age of automation. From direct debits on our monthly bills to heating that comes on when it drops to a certain […]

See results from your on cluster analytics with Arcadia Data

9th November 2016

Big Data is making a lot of promises to the enterprise, but there are many challenges when it comes to building infrastructure that is flexible […]

“Will it be the usual today Mrs Smith?” How retailers are managing customer segmentation at scale.

15th September 2016

Why retailers have had to adapt to accurate data reporting Retailers have a need to manage data more than ever now that all of us […]

The Bottom Line of Big Analytics – By Serge Haziyev

13th July 2016

With Big Data Analytics challenges becoming a nucleus of modern business, it is no longer sufficient to rely exclusively on traditional models while managing projects. […]

Hortonworks on Big Data Analytics 2016

20th June 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we were last all together at Big Data Analytics (BDA) London 2015. Advances in our […]