Oracle: Big Data – see more, act faster

28th August 2012

Every business needs to harness the power of Big Data to add value, increase profitability and exploit new and lucrative markets. Although the principle may […]

Providing an efficient and secure infrastructure to house the burgeoning amount of Big Data

3rd August 2012

How do you provide an adequate and efficient infrastructure to house the burgeoning amount of Big Data now available online? Where do you keep this […]

The convergence of Big Data with analytics: Microsoft UK3

1st August 2012

  How can businesses use Big Data analytics effectively in an enterprise data environment? That was the question posed by Ryan Simpson of Microsoft at […]

Transforming business fortunes with open and connected Big Data Analytics

20th July 2012

The world of business has reached a tipping point. The markets are increasingly competitive, yet 80 percent of the companies vying for a share of […]

This year’s Big Data Analytics Conference proves to be a resounding success

29th June 2012

Whitehall Media’s Big Data Analytics Conference 2012 proved to be a not just a great experience, but also the resounding success. The feedback received on […]

Nigel Sanctuary’s Big Data Blog 2, VP Cloud Propositions, Kognitio

7th June 2012

Big Data, Cloud, Big Data, Cloud, Big Data, Cloud.  There, that’s the daily research reading done for analytical platforms and database technology. Now feel free […]

Big Data Analytics can be so confusing. This is not an infant industry, for heaven’s sake. 

6th June 2012

Let me give you a view of my working week. Monday: went to an online betting organization. Death would occur in the business if they could […]

Day 120: What’s the collective noun for a group of Data Scientists?

1st June 2012

120 days into my tenure leading the Greenplum business in the UK and Ireland and we’ve just completed our first sponsorship of a global “Hackathon”. What […]

Tools and Technologies of Big Data

Big data is first and foremost data. It is not tools and technologies. There is however a number of tools and technologies for big data […]

Big Data Analytics 2012: opening the door to the world of possibilities

Did you know that every day the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data? Did you also know that as much as 90 percent of […]