Increase Purchase Activity with Product Recommendation Engines

20th June 2017

By Joshua Mews, Objective Computing. Using a Product Recommendation Engine Product recommendation systems utilise filtering systems to identify products to recommend. The type of filtering […]

Business Insight, Strategic Insight, and Real-time Insight: A Look at Autonomous Anomaly Detection Techniques

15th June 2017

By Ira Cohen Most companies are sitting on top of a veritable gold mine. Gigabytes of digitized time-series data are just ready and waiting for […]

The Single Customer Journey – Customer Interface in a Digital Era

13th June 2017

As a global consultancy specializing in data, analytics and digital for over 20 years, Keyrus constantly need to respond to the major challenges facing enterprises […]

Customer Segmentation Using AI & Machine Learning

12th June 2017

Segmenting Your Customer Data According to marketing guru Professor Malcolm McDonald “Correct needs-based segmentation is the bedrock of commercial success”.

Glitches, Blips, and Outliers. Real-Time Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning

Written by Rebecca Herson Part 2 It’s About Time. As mentioned in our previous post, a bad line of code in a software update may […]

Glitches, Blips, and Outliers. Real-Time Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning

Written by Rebecca Herson Part 1 Companies are simply bursting with data. And as the volume of global data grows into the “trillions-of-gigabytes” level, organizations […]

Predictive Analytics: Improving Financial Forecasting by implementing Good Governance

By Hugh Owen, senior vice president of product, MicroStrategy The financial sector is in the midst of a digital transformation, which is forcing directors to […]

Four Ways the Insurance Industry Can Benefit from Business Intelligence

By Hugh Owen Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, MicroStrategy Every day, businesses are discovering new ways to tap into the power and potential of big […]

Implementing Information Governance with 5 Easy Tips

By Tim Lang, Chief Technology Officer at MicroStrategy In today’s global marketplace, business intelligence (BI) is not just for senior management. Employees from all levels […]

If Data is as Valuable as Gold, It’s Time to Polish Your Data Architecture

30th May 2017

It speaks volumes of the world we live in today when headlines such as “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” […]