Use of Open Data Proves Effective for TfL

17th October 2017

Recent research has pointed to an annual £130m boost to the UK’s economy as a direct result of Transport for London’s (TfL) use of open […]

Increase Purchase Activity with Product Recommendation Engines

20th June 2017

By Joshua Mews, Objective Computing. Using a Product Recommendation Engine Product recommendation systems utilise filtering systems to identify products to recommend. The type of filtering […]



Thursday 9th November, 2017

The Seminars will take place from 12.15 – 13.00.
Delegates will be able to attend one seminar at the event. No pre selection is required – delegates will be able to select which session they attend onsite.




The Heat is on: Business is Demanding a Faster Path to Profitability

Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing, Denodo

Surface the right data, at the right time, with the right confidence and performance.

Today’s enterprises are eager to make the right data available at the right time to their decision-makers at every level of the organization in support of building strategies, improving operations, engaging customers, and gleaning actionable insights with confidence. Unfortunately, the journey from vision to delivery of data insights can be painfully slow. The traditional approach to analytics causes unacceptable delays in surfacing insights that are needed expeditiously. Even modern data platforms like big data systems are unable to keep up with the rapid speed of the business.

Attend this session to learn:

  • What can be done to reduce time-to-value
  • Why Business and IT collaboration is necessary
  • How data virtualization and big data technologies are coming together with agile development methods to empower users to be productive with data sooner
All your data, All your people, One platform: Snowflake + Talend

Graham Mossman, Sales Engineer, Snowflake

Ian Thomas, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, Talend-Snowflake and Talend help organisations of any size manage the modern data deluge with simplicity and scale.

-Combine and host all of your data -whether it’s cloud or on-prem, structured or semi-structured- in a single platform that anyone can manage.

A Data-First Approach to Drive Real-Time Intelligent Applications

Pinakin Patel, Senior Director EMEA Systems Engineering, MAPR

Leading companies that are getting the most out of their data are not focusing on queries and data lakes; they are actively integrating analytics into their operations with a data-first application development approach. Real-time adjustments to improve revenues, reduce costs, or mitigate risk rely on applications that minimize latency on a variety of data sources. Pinakin Patel reviews best practices, based on customer use cases, to show how customers develop, deploy, and dynamically update these applications and how this data-first approach is fundamentally different from traditional applications.





Start Conducting Your Big Data 

Matt Fordham / Software Defined Storage UK&I / IBM

IBM Spectrum Storage and Conductor offerings enable you to deliver a complete solution for modern data-centric applications which 1) eliminates silos with a multi-tenant converged application and data fabric, 2) simplifies administration pane management and monitoring across a scale-out, distributed infrastructure, 3) improves data availability with global, shared access to ensure data is available right when it’s needed, 4) minimizes deployment time by automating deployment of physical, virtual and containerized resources